How do I interact with a moving or animated element using Playwright?


Clicking on Animated Elements with Playwright

When dealing with animated or moving elements in your tests, Playwright's auto-waiting feature is your best friend. It waits for elements to be stable before interacting with them. An element is considered stable when its bounding box stays the same for at least two animation frames.

Here's how you can use Playwright's page.click() method to interact with these elements:

await page.click('button', { force: true });

In this example, we're clicking a button. The { force: true } option bypasses actionability checks and forces a click event, even if the button is moving or animated.

But be careful! Forcing actions without proper synchronization can lead to unexpected behavior. Sometimes, waiting for specific conditions (like visibility) is a better approach. Always test your code thoroughly and adapt it to your specific needs.

Remember, Playwright is a powerful tool for handling complex scenarios in your tests. For more insights on how to master it, check out this comprehensive guide.


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