How do I ensure data is refreshed after clicking the 'Done' button using Playwright and Python?


To ensure data refresh after clicking the 'Done' button with Playwright and Python, follow these steps:

1. Locate the 'Done' button

Use Playwright's built-in locators with auto-waiting and retry-ability features. For example:

const button = await page.getByRole('button', { name: 'done' });

2. Click the button

Perform a click action on the located button:

await button.click();

3. Wait for data refresh

After clicking the 'Done' button, wait for the data refresh. You can use page.waitForTimeout(timeout):

await page.waitForTimeout(1000); // timeout in milliseconds

Alternatively, wait for a specific condition using methods like page.waitForSelector(selector[, options]) or page.waitForFunction(pageFunction[, options[, arg]]).

4. Handle third-party dependencies (optional)

If you're working with external sites or servers not under your control, avoid testing them directly. Instead, use mocking techniques like intercepting network requests with Playwright Network API and returning mock responses.

For more information on efficient Playwright test scripts, refer to Tips for Writing Efficient Playwright Test Scripts.

Thank you!
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