How do I create an API request interceptor in Playwright to log test names and correlation IDs?


To create an API request interceptor that logs test names and correlation IDs in Playwright, you can use the page.route() method along with a custom interceptor function. Here's how to do it:

First, import the fixtures module from @playwright/test to access the test information:

import { fixtures } from '@playwright/test';

const { testInfo } = fixtures;

Next, define your interceptor function that takes a request parameter of type APIRequest. Inside the function, access the test name using testInfo.title and generate a correlation ID with your own logic. Log the test name, correlation ID, request method, and URL:

async function myInterceptor(request: APIRequest) {
  const testName = testInfo.title;
  const correlationId = generateCorrelationId(); // replace with your own logic
  console.log(`[${testName}] [${correlationId}] Intercepted ${request.method()} ${request.url()}`);
  // continue with original request
  return await request.continue();

Finally, register your interceptor by calling page.route() with a URL pattern and your interceptor function:

// register interceptor for all requests to api.ray.run
page.route('https://api.ray.run/*', myInterceptor);

This code registers the myInterceptor function for all requests matching the URL pattern https://api.ray.run/*. Now, whenever an API request is made, the interceptor logs the test name and correlation ID.

Thank you!
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