How do I configure my tests to run on WebKit using Playwright?


Configuring Playwright to Run Tests on WebKit

Yes, you need to do some additional configurations to run your tests on WebKit using Playwright.

Setting Up Projects

First, set up projects in your config file and add different options for each project. Here's an example:

import { defineConfig, devices } from '@playwright/test';

export default defineConfig({
  projects: [
      name: 'webkit',
      use: {
        ...devices['Desktop Safari'],

In this setup, we have a project named 'webkit' that uses the device parameters for 'Desktop Safari'. When you run your tests with npx playwright test, Playwright will run all projects by default.

Handling Network Issues

If you're behind a firewall or proxy, or if your network is slow to connect to the Playwright browser archive, you can configure environment variables like HTTPS_PROXY, NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS, and PLAYWRIGHT_DOWNLOAD_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT.

Test Runner Options

Remember, any test runner options should be specified at the top level in your configuration file, not in the use section. Some common options include specifying the test directory (testDir), running all tests in parallel (fullyParallel), and failing the build on CI if test.only is left in the source code (forbidOnly).

For more tips on writing efficient Playwright test scripts, check out this blog post.


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