How can I use PlaywrightSharp in C# to wait for a web element to appear or disappear?


Waiting for Web Elements with PlaywrightSharp in C#

First, you need to install the PlaywrightSharp NuGet package. Run this command in your project directory:

dotnet add package PlaywrightSharp

Then, create a new Playwright instance and launch a browser:

using var playwright = await Playwright.CreateAsync();
using var browser = await playwright.Chromium.LaunchAsync();
var page = await browser.NewPageAsync();

To wait for an object to appear on the page, use the WaitForSelectorAsync method. This method takes a CSS selector string and an optional timeout value (in milliseconds):

await page.GoToAsync("https://ray.run");
var elementHandle = await page.WaitForSelectorAsync("#my-element", timeout: 5000);

Here, we're waiting for an element with ID "my-element" to appear on the page within 5 seconds. The WaitForSelectorAsync method returns an ElementHandle, which represents the DOM element matching our selector.

If you want to wait for an object to disappear from the page, pass { state: "hidden" } as options:

await page.GoToAsync("https://ray.run");
await page.WaitForSelectorAsync("#my-element", new WaitForStateOptions { State = WaitForState.Hidden });

This waits until there are no longer any visible or attached elements matching our selector. Using Playwright's built-in waiting methods like WaitForSelectorAsync ensures that your automation scripts only interact with objects that are actually present on the web page.


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