How can I access a constant value generated in a beforeEach block in my test function in @playwright/test?


Sure, you can use environment variables to access a constant value generated in a beforeEach block in your test function. Here's how you can do it:

First, in your global setup file, set the value of the constant as an environment variable using process.env. Let's say you have a constant named myConstant generated in your beforeEach hook. Set it as an environment variable like this:

process.env.MY_CONSTANT = myConstant;

Now, you can access this value from within your test function using process.env.MY_CONSTANT. This gives you access to the value of your constant within your test.

Remember, environment variables are only available inside test functions and not outside them. If you need to use the value of your constant across multiple tests or outside of tests altogether, setting it as an environment variable may not be the best approach.

If there are multiple constants generated in different beforeEach hooks and they all need to be accessed from within tests or other hooks, consider storing these values in a shared state object or data structure that can be accessed by all relevant parts of code.

This is just one way to get access to values generated inside beforeEach hooks and use them elsewhere in your codebase when using @playwright/test.


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