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Open new tab with Page Object page

michaldrajnaposted in #help-playwright
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Hi, how to open new tab and use there my page objects?

This thread is trying to answer question "How to open a new tab and use page objects in it, switch between tabs, and get cookies and a specific token from the second tab using Playwright?"

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you will need to initialize your page objects with the page from playwright


Oh ok and is it possible to switch between tabs to be visible page where interactions are now?

from playwright's side all tabs are active


Do u know please, how to get cookies and boToken from the second tab? I still get the same token (web token ) as from the first page: // get web token await test.step(Get cookies and save web token, async () => { const obj = await context.cookies(); const tokenObject = obj.filter((val) => val.name.includes('idToken')); webToken = tokenObject.map((a) => a.value).toString(); console.log('Web token: ' + webToken); });

// get BOU token
await test.step(`Get BO token`, async () => {
  const boPage = await context.newPage();
  const tabBoPage = new UsersBoPage(boPage);
  await tabBoPage.visit();
  await tabBoPage.login();
  const object = await context.cookies();
  const boTokenObject = object.filter((val) => val.name.includes('idToken'));
  boToken = boTokenObject.map((a) => a.value).toString();
  console.log('BOU token: ' + boToken);

await boPage.cookies() maybe?

instead of context


I tried it but I get : Property 'cookies' does not exist on type 'Page'.

ah right, cookies are on context only

maybe log count of cookies with idToken name

because it returns all cookies so perhaps you're getting the first cookie from another tab

@skorp32: Number of cookies with name "idToken": 1 :/

Number of cookies with name "idToken": 1 :/

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