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[PLEASE UPVOTE THIS ON GITHUB] Microsoft Playwright Testing Service Also For Playwright.NET

Hi guys, would you please upvote this feature if you use Playwright.NET? It is very important for me, that Playwright.NET have this feature. I don't mind, that Playwright.NET lacks some features found in Playwright.TypeScript, because I have done everything else by myself in .NET, and I am planning to release all my work as open source framework soon.

But this is something I can't do at all, only Microsoft can do it, so all the fans of Playwright.NET, pleeeaase upvote it 🙂 Thanks sooooo much ❤️ https://github.com/microsoft/playwright-testing-service/issues/16

This thread is trying to answer question "Will users upvote a feature request for Playwright.NET on GitHub?"

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