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Problems with mock: status code -1

just_negativeposted in #help-playwright
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My test getting flakky. I use mock requests, and getting -1 on response. Maybe someone got same troubles and know how to fix it?

This thread is trying to answer question "Why am I getting a status code of -1 when using mock requests in my tests and how can I fix it?"

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// test example
test.describe.parallel('Test elements ', () => {
  storageState: AuthStorage.ADMIN,

 let mainPage: MainPage
 let testPage: TestPage

 test.beforeEach(async ({ page, context }) => {
  mainPage = new MainPage(page)
  testPage = new TestPage(page)

  await Promise.all([
   await mockActiveElementList(context, 'e2e/mocks/data/mockActiveElementList.json'),
   await mockElement(context, 'e2e/mocks/data/mockElement.json'),
   await mockItems(context),

 test('1st test elements', async () => {
  await mainPage.open()

  await mainPage.openElements(1) // jst click on 1st element on list
  await compPage.checkTestPage()
// mock
import type { BrowserContext } from '@playwright/test'

export async function mockActiveElementList(context: BrowserContext, path: string): Promise<void> {
 await context.route('**/v1/elements?page=1&pageSize=10&hasError=false&isArchived=false*', (route) => {
   status: 200,
   path: path,
   headers: {
    'Connection': 'keep-alive',
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',

Might suggest, while it may seem logical and the right thing to put it in your beforeEach(), might suggest moving your call to mockActiveElementList into you specific test() method... Especially if you are doing parallel processing with more then one test at the same time? Say you have test("1") test("2") test("3") All firing off an running at the same time. while mainPage/testpage all be referenced by test1, test2, test3 all at the same time?. The same one....? And have a feeling that is your issue... Don't see anything to syncronized access to anything for the two members testPage, mainPage..

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