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Issue with popups and iframes on firefox

@automationpanda We spoke briefly at Star West regarding firefox issues.

Hello all,

Website: https://terckert.github.io/pw-firefox-test/ Code: https://github.com/terckert/pw-firefox-test

The live environment I'm testing has an iframe that contains a button that opens a pop-up containing an upload element. On clicking the save button, it handles the upload, closes the popup, and refreshes the iframe. I have simplified an approximation of the live environment found at the link above and included a playwright test that I wrote to highlight the issue I'm having:

import { test, expect } from '@playwright/test';

test('access iframe after reload', async ({ page }) => {
    await page.goto(`https://terckert.github.io/pw-firefox-test/`)
    for (let i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
        console.log(`Run ${i}`)
        await page.waitForLoadState();
        const popupPromise = page.waitForEvent('popup');
        await page.frameLocator(`#iframe-id`).locator("#iframe-button").click();
        const popup = await popupPromise;
        await popup.waitForLoadState();
        const button = await popup.locator('#popup-button').click()

The test runs fine on safari, chromium, msedge, google chrome, but fails on firefox with the following:

locator.click: Target closed
=========================== logs ===========================
waiting for locator('#popup-button')
  locator resolved to <button id="popup-button" onclick="closePopupAndRefreshI…>↵        Click me to close the popup and refresh …</button>
attempting click action
  waiting for element to be visible, enabled and stable
  element is visible, enabled and stable
  scrolling into view if needed
  done scrolling
  performing click action

I have also run into errors when handling iframes on firefox, but was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to where to go next to attempt to solve this issue.

This thread is trying to answer question "Why does the test script fail to interact with a button in a popup window on Firefox and how can this issue be resolved?"

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I am seeing the same behaviour, looking into it


It seems like the firefox browser can't see the opened window


actually it can see the window, just not the button for some reason


this is a good case for a bug report on Github


this code works:

test('test', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('https://terckert.github.io/pw-firefox-test/');
  const page1Promise = page.waitForEvent('popup');
  await page.frameLocator('#iframe-id').getByRole('button', { name: 'Click to open a pop up that will take user upload or input.' }).click();
  const page1 = await page1Promise;
  await page1.getByText('I do something, like upload a file or get user input.').click();

(clicking on the text in the popup)


but even while recording, PW can't record clicking on the button in the popup


works fine with chrome as you say


only broken in firefox

Thank you, I will.

I also see the same issue. It looks like this behavior started from Version 1.30.

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