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How to integrate PW and Jenkins

hey friends, I'm really stuck with integrating playwright and jenkins. I simply want to handle CI without costing much to the company. I'm writing test scripts in JS. if you can offer me any doc or video link which is really easy to understand, that would be perfect. PS: I looked into jenkins part in playwright documentation however I didn't understand much about that.

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I integrate Playwright and Jenkins for cost-effective continuous integration?"

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Are you already familiar with Jenkins?

I used with maven and java

Hi Serdar!! I have the same problem. If you found the solution please share with me 😊

If you're struggling to follow the documentation then you should explain what you've tried, which part you are confused about, or what isn't working.

I would say that Jenkins is a bit old now though... I've never used it myself, but I expect that it is somewhat lacking compared to modern CI systems...

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