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Unable to handle radio button locator. its scrolled up and down frequently. Please help for this.

bhushan.trivediposted in #help-playwright
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I am unable to handle radio button via check and click action. its scroll up and down and my testcase timeout. Video attatched. https://drops.meetanshi.com/v/hjGtMr

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I handle a radio button that scrolls up and down, causing my test case to timeout?"

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Did you record the test?


would be interesting to try it out for myself, that scrolling behaviour is odd


yes i gave video for understanding purpose nothing else. so i can explain with easy understanding

I can guess the locator you get is not on the box like devs in my company they always create the checkbox with input tag in the messed way. The solution is get the label or span which covered the checkbox not the input one

http://joxi.ru/LmGNdBOcZWj8ar Like in this pic the input locator is the checkbox but bounding box is 1x1 -> it will fail when run test for sure -> get the span or label to get rid of it


execution log attatched


when i check or click on review locator then its scrolling down to top and top to down in infinite. not able to handle scrolling


please help me how can i handle it


test.only('Add Product Review',async({page})=>{ parent.prepareMessageForHtml(message.text)"]' await page.goto('https://meetanshi.in/m2d1/apple-iphone-x.html') await page.pause() await page.evaluate(()=>{ window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight)

await page.pause()
await page.locator('//label[@id="Quality_3_label"]').check()

}) - i have tried this test also but still unable to handle this case


Huh, the page even behaves that way when recording a test and I manually click on one of the stars. That's odd!


This might need a bug report created on github. Very interesting, it does seem like Playwright is being odd

@tphillips8117: have u check this one on your playwright local browser?

have u check this one on your playwright local browser?


Yes I have, it's doing exactly what you're describing

@tphillips8117: Oh thanks for your Kind interest regarding this topic.

Oh thanks for your Kind interest regarding this topic.

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