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How to invoke a fixture from another fixture?

It is possible to have fixture fromFirstPageToBaseUrl invoke the fixture setFromStartApis?

const baseTest = test.extend({
      setFromStartApis: async ({ page }) => {
        await setClientsApiMock(page);
        await setReconcileApiMock(page);
      fromFirstPageToBaseUrl: async ({ page, setFromStartApis }, use) => {
        await page.goto('/');
describe.only('When using the portal', function() {
    it('reconciler should be accessable from the portal', async ({ fromFirstPageToBaseUrl   }) => {                                 
      await fromFirstPageToBaseUrl.getByText('GO TO PATIENT RECONCILIATION').click();

This thread is trying to answer question "How to invoke a fixture from another fixture?"

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I believe they're working on this feature

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