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How to fill in an automatically selected element.

I'm making a bot to send Twitter DMs, I'm trying to log in. But when I get to the password page, the field is already selected, so I can't enter the password! Can anyone give me a brief solution for this?

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I enter the password in a pre-selected field while creating a bot for Twitter DMs?"

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Please explain a little bit more, what do you mean field is already selected? You can use the fill function on any field, independently where the actual focus is. You mean rather the field is "disabled"?

Also might be careful. Many services gmail, hotmail and most other related sites if you read the end user license agreement many simply click past and ignore will say "using automation to automate out site is not allowed without permission", Might many sites can pick up if you are and will start restricting access if not disabling your account...

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