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Is Playwright Products FedRAMP / FISMA compliant

I am currently looking at automated testing suites and need to know it Playwright products are FedRAMP / FISMA compliant. I am not finding any documentation that clearly states it compliance with these standards. Can someone answer this for me? It would be greatly appreciated.

This thread is trying to answer question "Are Playwright products FedRAMP / FISMA compliant?"

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@debbieobrien maybe you could answer this?

In my opinion (not an official answer) it doesn't look like Microsoft would be actively offering Playwright or its services to government institutions so I would so - no compliance.


playwright test runner / library is like node.js. It is a tool not a service. It is an open source tool. We don't collect or store any data. But you will need to check with your legal department on what open source tools you can use in your work flow

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