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timeout is not being honored

In my playwright.config.js I have:

const baseConfig = {
    testDir: './tests',
    fullyParallel: true,
    /* Fail the build on CI if you accidentally left test.only in the source code. */
    forbidOnly: !!process.env.CI,
    retries: CI? 2 : 0,
    // undefined is default where tests will use 50% of cpu
    workers: getWorkers(),
    reporter: 'list',
    timeout: 900000,

But when I run the test headless it is timing out at 5000ms. Why is this?

Error: expect(received).not.toBeDisabled()
    Call log:
      - expect.not.toBeDisabled with timeout 5000ms
      - waiting for getByText('Save and Exit')

This thread is trying to answer question "Unable to determine the question as the thread content is not provided."

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nevermind, I see I am missing the await

timeout in config you have posted is test timeout in which test must finish

assertions timeouts are different and set differently

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