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playwright.sh not found after install --with-deps (go)

I'm using playwright-go and I'm trying to get it running in an Ubuntu 20.04 container. I'm using playwright-go version 1.37.1. I'm running playwright install --with-deps and can see it complete. However, nothing appears in /home/.cache/ms-playwright-go/1.37.1/playwright.sh, and so my program fails when I call playwright.Run(). Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Attached some diagnostic steps I took in the container.

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is 'playwright.sh' not found after running 'playwright install --with-deps' in an Ubuntu 20.04 container?"

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I believe the issue is that I was using ubuntu 22

I'm testing again with ubuntu 20


weird, that shouldn't matter.


Other users have had to play around with setting DEBIAN_FRONTEND: noninteractive, not sure if that would help you

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