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Error: browserType.launch: Failed to launch

luiscastillokcposted in #help-playwright
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Hello guys,

I’m looking for help, I’m installed playwright locally in a React + TypeScript project and it works fine locally but in my Jenkins build I get an error

Error: browserType.launch: Failed to launch: Error spawn /home/Jenkins/.cache/yarn/ms-playwright/ms-playwright/chromium-1076/chrome-Linux/chrome ENOENT

basically to my understanding the browser is trying to launch but it doesn’t find a browser to launch, I tried a few ways but I haven’t get any success.

Is there anybody familiar with this issue? What can I do to fix this issue?

I’m attaching a picture of the Jenkins log for better understanding.

I will appreciate any help, thanks.


This thread is trying to answer question "What can I do to fix the issue of 'browserType.launch: Failed to launch' error in a Jenkins build of a React + TypeScript project using playwright?"

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You need npx playwright install before-


Hi @mxschmitt where do I need to do npx playwright install. I already have in my second stage after build application I have npx playwright install.


@mxschmitt I ran npx playwright install locally and it didn’t do anything. I ran yarn add playwright-chromium@1.37.1 and did the same for the others browser and now I got a different error that say: Please install @playwright/test package before running “yarn playwright test”

I already have install @playwright/test, I’m not sure why this is an error:

I follow what I get in the Jenkins log but I go back to the browser.type.launch failed.


as the error says, remove playwright-chromium, playwright-firefox and playwright-webkit, and also playwright if you have it installed. Only @playwright/test is enough.


@mxschmitt I mention I follow what the error said. I removed the playwright-chromium, playwright-Firefox and playwright-WebKit. I don’t have playwright and I already have installed @playwrigh/test

When I removed the browser I get the error again about Error: browserType.launch: Failed.

Did you manage to get anywhere with this at all @luiscastillokc ? I've got the same issue & am running nxt playwright install


Hi @jhul_11 I haven’t get anywhere. I still have the same issue, and I have t find any person here that is helpful yet. One thing I discovered is that npx playwright install, install the browser to a specific location, I create environment variable for workspace and made the installation to go to that path and also to look for the browser in that same path, but now what I get is that the browser is not able to launch.

I've just sussed mine out after reading a few posts on here & one reply from @mxschmitt .. I hope it's the same fix for you but all it needed was the latest playwright version. Perhaps the error could be enhanced slightly to suggest the latest version may not be installed? Otherwise you're just left scratching your head - I will now see about a way of always keeping on top of new pw releases to prevent it from happening again!

Thank you btw @mxschmitt for that reply!

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