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PLAYWRIGHT_BROWSERS_PATH env variable adds stuff at the end that is interferring

Chrome on my jenkins sits here: PLAYWRIGHT_BROWSERS_PATH='/opt/google/chrome'

But what actually gets used by playwright is this: Error: browserType.launch: Executable doesn't exist at /opt/google/chrome/chromium-1067/chrome-linux/chrome

Am I using it wrong? Why can't I point playwright to my browser instance on the jenkins? Or what's the use of that feature anyways, if I can't use chrome from the place where it is actually installed?

This thread is trying to answer question "How to use a custom Chrome installation on Jenkins with Playwright?"

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PLAYWRIGHT_BROWSERS_PATH is used to set the browsers installation directory when installing playwright's browsers and running tests, playwright will still put its own paths in there for versions and everything else


my question would be: why not let Playwright install and use its own browsers?

Hey, thanks for your help! The URL is forbidden by our Jenkins and we have an image with chrome already installed, so I thought it's probably good to just reuse that and save time during installation. 🙂

you can just do channel: "chrome" in your playwright.config file and it should just work. See here: https://playwright.dev/docs/api/class-testoptions#test-options-channel This will automatically find your local installed Chrome.

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