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Unable to handle click using getByLocator action

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Hi All,My testcase code:- test("Move Product To Wishlist",async({page})=>{ const expectedMessage="Radiant Tee has been moved to your wish list." await page.goto('') await page.locator("//div[@class='swatch-opt-1556']//div[@id='option-label-size-144-item-166']").click() await page.locator("//div[@id='option-label-color-93-item-50']").click() await page.locator("//li[1]//div[1]//div[1]//div[4]//div[1]//div[1]//form[1]").click() const successMsgSelector="//div[@data-bind='html: $parent.prepareMessageForHtml(message.text)']" await page.waitForSelector(successMsgSelector) await page.locator("//a[normalize-space()='shopping cart']").click() console.log(successMsgSelector); await page.getByRole('link').click({ name:'Move to Wishlist' }) Error Screenshot attatched:-

Expected Result:- Product should be move to wishlist. Actual Result:- Test timeout of 30000ms exceeded. and unable to execute the testcase.

Please help me to solve this problem.


This thread is trying to answer question "How can I resolve the issue of not being able to handle a click using the getByLocator action in my test case code?"

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