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Assert that naturalWidth property is grater than 0

Hey all,

I have a locator that returns multiple elements. How can I make the assertion that the naturalWidth property is grater than 0 for each element (I'm using TS).


This thread is trying to answer question "How can I assert that the `naturalWidth` property is greater than 0 for each element returned by a locator in TypeScript?"

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Hi, Locator.evaluateAll may come in handy: https://playwright.dev/docs/api/class-locator#locator-evaluate-all

And I think you'll have to use that in combination with one of the non-retrying assertions, since for your use-case there is no retrying assertion: https://playwright.dev/docs/test-assertions#non-retrying-assertions


Sure, let's dive into how you can use Playwright's LocatorAssertions to check if the 'naturalWidth' property of all elements returned by a locator is greater than 0.

First, you need to find the elements using a locator. Playwright offers a variety of ways to locate elements on a page, such as page.locator(), page.getByRole(), or page.getByText().

Here's how you can define your locator:

import { expect } from '@playwright/test';

// Locate the elements
const locator = page.locator('.your-locator');

Once you've got your locator, you can use the toHaveProperty() assertion from LocatorAssertions to check if each element has a 'naturalWidth' greater than 0.

Here's how you can do it:

// Assert that each element has naturalWidth > 0
await expect(locator).toHaveProperty('naturalWidth', (value) => value > 0);

In this code, we're checking the 'naturalWidth' property of each element. We're using a callback function (value) => value > 0 to compare each element's 'naturalWidth' value with zero. If any of the elements have a 'naturalWidth' less than or equal to zero, the assertion will fail and throw an error.

Remember, the 'naturalWidth' property represents the intrinsic width of an image element. So, this is a great way to check if your images are loading correctly on your page. Happy testing!

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