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Assert selectoption

after selecting this element from the DOM await this.accountDropDown.selectOption({index: 2}) please how do i assert it

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I assert a selected option from the DOM after using the 'selectOption' method in Playwright?"

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Sure, you can verify selected options in a multi-select/combobox element in Playwright using the toHaveValues assertion from the LocatorAssertions class. Here's how you can do it:

const locator = page.locator('id=favorite-colors');
await locator.selectOption(['R', 'G']);
await expect(locator).toHaveValues([/R/, /G/]);

In this example, we're selecting options "R" and "G" and then checking if they're selected. The toHaveValues assertion takes an array of expected values and an optional options object for specifying a timeout.

await expect(locator).toHaveValues([/R/, /G/], { timeout: 5000 });

This will wait for 5 seconds for the assertion to pass. You can also assert that an option is not selected using the .not property.

await expect(locator).not.toHaveValues(['B']);

This checks that option "B" is not selected. So, to verify selected options, use the toHaveValues assertion. It checks if specific values are selected in a multi-select/combobox element. Don't forget to provide the expected values and a timeout value if needed.

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