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Playwright 1.37.0 merge-reports command not found

I'm following the latest docs to create blob reports and merge them using merge-reports, but somehow GHA says "command not found"

In the screenshot, I first print the Playwright version npx plawyright --version to make sure it is running 1.37.0, and then the following command is npx playwright merge-reports --reporter html ./all-blob-reports to merge the report, which errored out

This is the PR context: https://github.com/chanzuckerberg/single-cell-data-portal/pull/5492#discussion_r1295225687

I've been troubleshooting this the whole day now, would love some help on this. Thank you!


This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the 'merge-reports' command not found when trying to merge blob reports in Playwright 1.37.0?"

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What does npm list @playwright/test --depth=0 print?

hm, you probably are getting that error because you have both playwright and @playwright/test packages

you only need @playwright/test

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