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Github Actions failing with Playwright-python

naraulak2099posted in #help-playwright
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Hi! My team and I are running a suite of pytests on our github actions and I've found our tests to be timing out. Right now, We've have encountered two weird situations:

  1. We had our tests pass on Python 3.8 and 3.9 and then fail on 3.10 because of a strict mode error as shown in the first image. What was weird was that this error did not show up on the other versions of python.
  2. After correcting this strict mode error, I reran the tests, and 3.10 became the first one to pass, while the others all failed because of timing out. These test cases just got stuck on one of our playwright tests without proceeding for over an hour and a half.

What I am confused about is on the local machine it all runs smoothly and tests pass within 10 minutes, but on Actions it takes about 20 minutes if the test runs without an error. Could someone guide me on what I should do to try and address this? Alot of the existing questions on actions do not concern python directly so I am hopeful that this gets a clearer answer.

Thanks in advance!


This thread is trying to answer question "Why are pytests timing out on Github Actions and how can this issue be addressed?"

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