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Solution to bypass Azure AD SSO

I need to create automated tests for a project that requires (even on dev env) login with Azure AD SSO (hourly basis). How to bypass this layer? or approach/workaround? Cheers!

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I bypass Azure AD SSO for creating automated tests in a development environment?"

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Hi @iamrv , please let me know if you found a solution for this. I am almost having similar set up to run my automated tests

the workaround was to create a monthly new account used by tests that does not require a phone confirmation code (azure allows you 30 days without requiring this code, hence every 30 days I create a new account) - apart from this, it was classical login form in a web application


Which part were you trying to bypass? Azure SSO requiring a an MFA code?


Can't you set up the account with regular e.g. Google Auth MFA? Then you can use the MFA secret to generate a TOTP?


I have done exactly this for my testing

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