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Seeing different behaviour with chrome incognito and Playwright Chromium automation

Hello all, <#1054804523652231198> I'm pretty beginner to Playwright and used codegen to record the UI flow.

Here is the problem statement: my web application is SSO enabled and when we try to login via chrome normal mode it'll take the system credentials and login directly but if we use Chrome incognito, we need to enter the username and password and then user logs in. But with playwright, I can see that when we try to access the link, it is directing to the logged session directly and it's not even asking for the credentials. I've used clear cookies and user agent but it's still the same. <#1054804523652231198> Can anyone guide me please.

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is Playwright Chromium automation logging in directly without asking for credentials despite using incognito mode and clearing cookies?"

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Do you set incognito directly in playwright?

But usually playwright opens chromium in incognito only right?

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