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Which timeout setting do API requests use?

MarkusAtWörkposted in #help-playwright
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Hi everyone, which timeout setting applies to API requests? E.g. request.get(...) Is it actionTimeout or navigationTimeout?

This thread is trying to answer question "Which timeout setting do API requests use?"

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Hi, I assume nor actionTimeout neither navigationTimeout. Timeout option is passed in the obje as a second parameter

const getRequest = async (page: Page) => page.request.get('https://url.com', { timeout: 3 * 1000 });

Hmm, I assumed one of them would apply 🤔 As I can also add a separate timeout to page.goto('https://google.com', { timeout: 10 * 1000 }) but the navigationTimeout settings value is used if I don't.

I see, based on documentation https://playwright.dev/docs/api/class-page#page-set-default-navigation-timeout the navigationTimeout is applied to the following methods page.goBack() page.goForward() page.goto() page.reload() page.setContent() page.waitForNavigation() page.waitForURL()

This page about request.get() https://playwright.dev/docs/api/class-apirequestcontext#api-request-context-get I assume there is no global option to set a timeout for this method, only as a parameter in the object BTW, it's set to 30 seconds by default


Aha, that helps, thanks 😄


I experimented a bit and it seems it is indeed affected by the actionTimeout setting even though the docs don't mention it.

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