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Test service worker in chrome extension with playwright


I'm trying to test the code that is in the service worker of my chrome extension (manifest v3). The goal is to basically, open a web page, open the extension and test that the messaging that goes through the service worker is okay by writing some tests against it.

This is my code:

const {test, chromium} = require('@playwright/test');
import path from 'path';

export const createBrowserContext = async () => {
    const pathToExtension = path.join(__dirname, '../build');
    return await chromium.launchPersistentContext('', {
        headless: false,
        args: [
        ignoreDefaultArgs: ['--disable-component-extensions-with-background-pages']

test('test serviceworker', async ({}) => {
    const browserContext = await createBrowserContext();
    let [background] = browserContext.serviceWorkers();

    if (!background)
        background = await browserContext.waitForEvent('serviceworker');

  // here I'm trying to intercept the logs
  background.on('console', message => {
    const extensionId = background.url().split('/')[2];

  // this is the page I want to test my extension against
    const page = await browserContext.newPage();
    await page.goto(`wwww.some-url.com`);


In the code above I never get to console.log(message.text()) even though i see the logs in chrome://serviceworker-internals.

Any idea ?


This thread is trying to answer question "Why am I unable to intercept the logs in my service worker testing code using Playwright?"

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