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Element clicking trouble and timeout issue

GoodEbeningposted in #help-playwright
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With playwright, I've used the codegen to generate code. Now, there is an element, that seems to be identified properly with the id of it, but when the code is run using playwright, the element doesn't seem to be clicked. The other issue I'm facing is with dealing with timeout issues. In the photo added, there is multiple clicks that I've to perform to go through topics by clicking the "NEXT" button on the UI, but after going through couple, the code timeouts. I've added the waitForTimeout after having the issue. But that doesn't even work. How should I handle both of these things?


This thread is trying to answer question "How to handle element clicking trouble and timeout issues while using Playwright code generated by codegen?"

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@GoodEbening When a Playwright code generated by codegen does not work as expected, it can be due to various reasons such as dynamic content, timing issues, or incorrect element identification

And don t use waitForTimeout it can be changeable for your Server resorces . Open network and waitForResponse or something else...

@yusufozt.: Thank you. Will look into it.

Thank you. Will look into it.

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