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Unable to pass env variable value to the Payload

Payload: {tagBody: { activities: [{reference: activityId, tags: {EGJHKYLTK : [termId]}}]}}

If I am passing EGJHKYLTK value via process.env.Id to Payload it's giving error but

If passing activityId and termId using the env variable process.env.activityId and process.env.termId it's working fine. Because activity and termId are parameter but EGJHKYLTK is the property of the payload. How can we pass value in property in the payload dynamically using env variable.

Can someone please look into this. And suggest any solution.

This thread is trying to answer question "How can we pass value in property in the payload dynamically using an environment variable?"

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If you want to use an environment variable as a property in your payload, you can do so using the computed property name feature. i.e. [process.env.EGJHKYLTK]

I think that should work

It's giving error in payload


Using Environment Variables in Playwright

You can pass dynamic values in Playwright tests using environment variables. Here's how:

Setting Environment Variables

You can set environment variables in the Playwright configuration file (playwright.config.ts). For example, you can set the baseURL property based on the STAGING environment variable. This allows you to switch between staging and production environments.

module.exports = {
  baseURL: process.env.STAGING ? 'https://staging.ray.run' : 'https://ray.run',
  // ...

You can also use .env files to manage environment variables. Create a .env file and define your variables with their values. For example:


Accessing Environment Variables in Tests

To access environment variables in tests, use process.env.VARIABLE_NAME. For example, to fill a "User Name" field based on the USERNAME environment variable, use:

await page.getByLabel('User Name').fill(process.env.USERNAME);

Using Fixtures and Options

Playwright's test-runner allows you to pass dynamic values in tests using fixtures and options. Fixtures let you define reusable setup steps for tests. Options let you customize test behavior. For example, you can define an option called person with a default value of 'John'. This option can be overridden in the configuration file or via command line arguments.

import { test } from '@playwright/test';

test('example test', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('https://ray.run');
  // ...

Remember to set the necessary environment variables before running your tests.

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