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Invalid character in header content ["x-playwright-launch-options"] from VSCode extension

After I have installed latest version of playwright I am no longer able to start tests from Playwright Test for VSCode v1.0.12. I get following error when starting test from the extension (either Run or Debug)

TypeError: browserType.connect: Invalid character in header content ["x-playwright-launch-options"] =========================== logs =========================== <ws connecting> ws:// ============================================================

Tests are running ok if started with npx playwright test though Playwright version is 1.34.3 It was working all ok with previous version of Playwright. Anybody knows what is the problem? cheers Dragan

This thread is trying to answer question "What is causing the 'Invalid character in header content' error when starting tests from the Playwright Test for VSCode extension?"

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Am I the only one having this issue?


Hi, did u fix this issue?

can you file an issue on github with more details? Thats a better place to dig into potential bugs. Thanks!

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