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Is this 2 webservers running if it's angular?

My tests are flakey when I use the webserver. Especially in the Azure pipeline. Now that I think about it.... am I running 2 webservers are one time with playwright's webserver and angular webserver? Because npm run start also runs a webserver

const webServer = {                                  
    command: 'cd ../ && npm run start',                
    url: '',
    timeout:  120 * 3000,
    reuseExistingServer: true,

This thread is trying to answer question "Are there two webservers running at the same time with Playwright's webserver and Angular webserver?"

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If that snippet is your Playwright's webserver configuration, and npm run start starts Angular's webserver, then you are starting just 1 webserver.

Although if you have another Azure pipelines CI step for npm run start and if that runs on another port than what you configured in Playwright, then it could be starting twice.

no, it's just one npm run start. Thanks

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