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Test runs local fine, but fails in Moon Selenoid remote run.

I have a test in Playwright 1.35, which passes successfully in local run, however fails to click a button on the Moon Selenoid run.

This is the locator, a button: self.VALIDATE_ID_BUTTON = page.get_by_test_id("general-button-validate") which is tapped in the test using the .tap method: ps_page.VALIDATE_ID_BUTTON.tap()


  • click instead of tap
  • use of wait_for_selector to make sure it appears... but it does anyway.

Any idea?

This thread is trying to answer question "Why does a test in Playwright 1.35 fail to click a button on the Moon Selenoid run, and how can this issue be resolved?"

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Shouldn't you be using "#" next to your ID selector ? ("#general-button-validate") not sure if this will help.

No, the name of the data-testid is just general-button-validate, it does not work with the # prefix.

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