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Awaite in python/behave

Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with the wait functionality. I'm using version 1.36.0, Python 3.9, and Behave 1.2.6.

Here is the problematic part of my code: @staticmethod def open_url(key, context): try: url = context.settings['base_url'] + context.map['url'][key] context.page.goto(url, waitUntil='domcontentloaded')
except Exception as e: raise Exception(f"Could not open url: {url}. Error: {e}")

I'm receiving the following error: Error: goto() got an unexpected keyword argument 'waitUntil'. I've been reading the documentation but I'm not sure what exactly the problem is with my code. Could anyone help me out with this?

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the 'goto' function not accepting 'waitUntil' as a keyword argument and how can this issue be resolved?"

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