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What is the Blob Reporter?

damon-gabrielleposted in #help-playwright
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In researching a solution for combining test results when using sharding I came across a merge of the Blob Reporter back in April. I can't find any documentation on it though. https://github.com/microsoft/playwright/pull/22244 I've been waiting on two things and I'm wondering if the blob reporter might address it

  1. An html reporter that supports sharding. (I see this is still open, yet the blob reporter changes is linked in there) https://github.com/microsoft/playwright/issues/10437
  2. I'd like the junit reporter to work with sharding as well. While I don't actually read the junit report, (the html report is better), generating one allows jenkins to set the build status as "yellow" if there's test failures. Is the blob reporter what I've been waiting for? Thanks!

This thread is trying to answer question "Is the blob reporter what I've been waiting for?"

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I figured out how to use it from code inspection instead. Whoa. This looks fantastic. It appears to solve both my use cases and leaves me questioning why Feature #10437 hasn't been marked resolved yet.

blob reporter will address merging report functionality but it is not released yet


Not released? I believe you but help me understand what you mean by not released. I'm using it right now in version 1.35.1 and it's working great for html and junit reporters. I added the blob reporter to my project and it output results to the blob-report directory. I ran it again while specifying a 2nd shard and the results were added to blob-report dir. I then ran

npx playwright merge-reports blob-report --reporter=html and it successfully produced a combined html report from multiple shards.


I also ran npx playwright merge-reports blob-report --reporter=junit > playwright-report/results.xml and it created a valid xml results file as well

Ahh, then I'm partially mistaken. The feature was silently released but there's no documentation about it yet.


No worries, I'm pretty excited to have come across it. The only thing that struck me as bit odd was that junit reporting went to std out and I had to redirect it to a file myself. No big deal. This is great!

Stay tuned, we most likely announce it in 1.37

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