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What do you think regarding using POM with functional programming?

My engineering manager suggest me he would like to have everything using functional programming but we are using page object model with classes. Do you have any opinion, suggestion or thought regarding moving to functional programming?

This thread is trying to answer question "What are the opinions, suggestions or thoughts regarding moving from Page Object Model to functional programming?"

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what the reason to rewrite everything from POM to fp? If there is a benefit to use it instead of POM why not.

if he would like to switch then ask him for reasoning and pros/cons

otherwise thank him for the suggestion and keep pom 🙂

I used to use the POM and fp for a while and there are strong and weak sides for both of `em. It depends on what the goal is to switch approaches. I'd like to say that the POM is easier than fp and more understandable for new teammates and reading the code. Whereas the fp requires less code and it's more agile than the POM

thanks for your answers! appreciated

if u want I have some examples of fp structure can share with u on GitHub

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