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XMl file upload not working,

anirudh.ruhelaposted in #help-playwright
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I am uploading a xml,My application reads that xml and create a user. iT is working fine when i am uplaoding the xml manually but, I am getting error when i am uploading the file from automation(playwright ). I have tried both the ways input file as well as file chooser.

Reason of failing: manually we are selecting file from the "OpenFileDialog" windows. and from automation we could only set the path to the attribute directly.

public static void uploadWithFileChooser(String element, String filePath) {
    LOGGER.info("Smart Doc path "+filePath);
    FileChooser fileChooser = FrameworkConfig.LocalPage.waitForFileChooser(() -> {
        //page.getByLabel("Upload file").click();
        CommonUtility.click(element, 30000);


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This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the XML file upload not working when using automation with Playwright, and how can it be fixed?"

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@debbieobrien Can I get any help


@mxschmitt Can you help on the scenari

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