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Prevent New Tab On Element Click

thegorgotronposted in #help-playwright
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Failry new to playwright and couldn't find anything in the documentation, but how do I click and element and force it to open on the same page rather than in a new tab?

This thread is trying to answer question "How do I click an element in Playwright and force it to open on the same page rather than in a new tab?"

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it's on browser settings i guess so you need to set it before running test


Cypress had a way to do it within the test so Im sure there has to be a way in playwright. Having to set that in browser isn't going to work.


Forcing a Click in Playwright

In @playwright/test, you can force a click on an element to open on the same page instead of a new tab. This is done by using the click method with the force option set to true.

First, find the element you want to click. You can use a locator method like getByRole or getByText. For instance, to click a button, you'd use page.getByRole('button').

let button = page.getByRole('button');

Next, call the click method on the element and pass { force: true } as an option. This forces Playwright to execute the click, even if there are obstacles or overlays.

await button.click({ force: true });

This simulates a human-like click and ensures the element opens on the same page.

However, use this method sparingly. Playwright usually handles clicks automatically, and forcing a click can lead to unexpected behavior. Always test your application thoroughly after implementing forced clicks.

For more insights on handling complex scenarios in Playwright, check out Mastering the Art of Detecting and Handling Flaky Tests in Playwright.

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