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Is it safe to pass the current users session cookie to PlayWright?

I am using SvelteKit, and am trying to take a screenshot for the user to create thumbnails of their current projects. I see playwright has some auth stuff in the docs which I was a bit confused by, so I was wondering - is it fine if I just pass the current session cookie to the context? Is that safe?

This thread is trying to answer question "Is it safe to pass the current user's session cookie to the context in PlayWright?"

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Sure, you can safely pass the user's session cookie to the context in Playwright. It's a great way to reuse authenticated state, including cookies and local storage based authentication.

Here's a quick example of how you can save and load session storage:

// Save session storage
const sessionStorage = await context.evaluate(() => JSON.stringify(sessionStorage));
// Load session storage
await context.evaluate((value) => sessionStorage = JSON.parse(value), sessionStorage);

Remember, session storage is domain-specific and doesn't persist across page loads. It's handy for storing info related to the signed-in state.

When you pass the user's session cookie to the context, it allows the new context or APIRequestContext to share cookie storage with the browser context.

For instance, you might send an API request that shares cookie storage with the browser context. The response will have a 'Set-Cookie' header with cookies. You can access these cookies and compare them with cookies stored in context.cookies() using context.request.fetch().

// Create a new instance of APIRequestContext with isolated cookie storage
const newContext = await playwright.request.newContext();

This new instance will have its own isolated cookies, separate from those in the browser context.

So, passing the user's session cookie to the context in Playwright is safe and allows for sharing or isolating cookie storage, depending on your needs.

Remember, this is based on the given context. If you have specific use cases or additional considerations, you might need to do a bit more research.

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