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BDD with Playwright runner


It seems that the feature of executing tests with the playwright test runner, written in gherkin, will not happen any time soon. 😦 I saw we currentlly have 2 community projects that are trying to deal with that. (thank you guys for helping us 🙏 )

  1. https://github.com/vitalets/playwright-bdd
  2. https://github.com/Niitch/gherkin-wrapper

What do you think, which solution could be better in terms of not lossing features that we currentlly have with the playwright test runner? Which approach would be easier to maintain and be better with the POM support?

This thread is trying to answer question "Which community project for executing tests with the playwright test runner using gherkin would be better in terms of not losing features and being easier to maintain with POM support?"

2 replies

Didn't review the second one yet. But with the first one it's cool the playwright config can be used. Other solutions for playwright and cucumber use only cucumber configurations.


Yes, I also start with the first one and it is pretty good, still missing some things like custom features, but he is working on to add it. For me the first solution have more complex logic, as the second solution is a BDD wrapper/layer on top of the playwright test that we usulally have, so maybe it is even better. As I am new to Playwright with JS/TS, I wanted to get more responces from people who knows better.

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