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How do you suppose to make it work with Svelte?

gustafssonzposted in #help-playwright
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I've setup a new svelte project and followed the installation. I also installed the 'Experimental: Components' part. The Button is simple and the test is more or less nothing at this point. Yet i get this error:

Adjacent JSX elements must be wrapped in an enclosing tag. Did you want a JSX fragment <>...</>? (4:0)

2 | export let label = "hello"; 3 | </script>

4 | <button> | ^ 5 | {label} 6 | </button>

Why does it complains about JSX element when I picked it should use Svelte?


This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the user getting an error message related to JSX elements when they are using Svelte?"

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