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JUnit XML Report file type being shown as file instead of xml file

I am trying to create a Junit report for my tests , however when the xml file is generated . it shows as "file" in windows explorer and is not recognized as an xml file by vscode


This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the JUnit XML report file being recognized as a 'file' instead of an 'xml' file, and why is it not being created on a Jenkins instance?"

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I don't think this is a Playwright issue - unless you're suggesting that Playwright is generating an invalid JUnit report?

If you open the file, does it look like XML?

Yes, opening the file shows that its xml, its in one of the screenshots

I was thinking it might be an issue with my folder location or something else specific to my machine

I am going to test a few things and see

I am having the same problems when building on jenkins as well

Your screenshot showed a YAML file, not an XML file...

But anyway

Sounds like an issue on your local machine

huh, where's the YAML File?

which one of the screenshots

@marshmn: jenkins is not on my machine , its on a ubuntu vps

jenkins is not on my machine , its on a ubuntu vps

Yes, but where are you opening the XML file?

in the screenshots I shared thats from my local machine, but the same happens on the vps as well

What do you mean by "the same happens"?

actually the report is not being created at all on the jenkins instance

So not the same then...


I have no idea why that is

is this line in my playwright config incorrect?

reporter: [['junit', { outputFile: 'results.xml' }]],

It looks reasonable at first sight

found the issue, I had a conflicting package installed. Removed the package and now the file is being exported correctly

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