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Is sensitive data transferred geographically during test execution

anton_elevatorposted in #help-playwright
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Hello Community. I am writing automated tests that will execute on Azure cloud in the UK but targeting endpoints hosted in the US. I have been challenged to evidence that no data will leave the US geographically as the tests execute. Does anyone know where the tests will execute ? is it in the browser created in the UK in which case technically loading the data does move it geographically to the UK browser? I am new to playwright and understand that it runs assertions in the browser. Will any of the data loaded be retained outside of the test execution other than the data that is loading in a UK browser.

Any help would be appreciated.

This thread is trying to answer question "Does automated testing with Playwright cause sensitive data to be transferred geographically when tests are executed on a cloud service in one region, targeting endpoints in another region?"

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Doesn't sound like a playwright question if your browser is located in the UK and your endpoints are in the US and the browser is fetching data obviously it would have to be transferred or you wouldn't be able to access it


Thanks! I think I answered my own question when I typed it 🙂

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