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Playwright-BDD : Are clients still looking for BDD implementation in project automation?

I appreciate from bottom of my heart for the whole effort put to create this repo : https://github.com/vitalets/playwright-bdd/tree/main getting inspired by issue https://github.com/microsoft/playwright/issues/11975 But .. I had been able to convince my client we can use Playwright - POM model and no need of BDD to be in place. Also I raised, are Business Analysts/Product Owners/Heads keen to go through features written? if this is only needed, I could take a list of test cases written under test.describe()..test()/its pass/failure and send on as updates to any new feature additions. They agreed and no issues at all, able to create Playwright - OpenFin app automation.

It gets complicated when requirements like OpenFin app, electron app come into picture for automation, having numerous subPage layers and also to use BDD ( cucumber ) on top of it.

Just a thought for those looking for BDD or cucumber integration with PW or due to client pressure. Be bold to showcase pros & cons if you are the one starting the framework from scratch.

This thread is trying to answer question "Is it really necessary to integrate Playwright with Cucumber to achieve step definitions via BDD?"

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  1. The company may have manual testers or non technical people who want to run tests directlly from the test management tools (Azure Devops, TestRail, XRay). It is good if you have your bdd steps inside that testcases, so that people actually know what they are testing. If you write those testcases without bdd and use words to describe what is happening than you have two places where you have to maintain tests steps.
  2. Even if the company does not use BDD, I ,as an automation tester, loose much less time to figure out what the failed test is doing when there is bdd. It is just human readable, nothing can beat that in trying to know what is this test all about.

I have BDD steps under tests and thats been circulated easier for understanding as you said. However - say PW integration with Cucumber , to achieve step defs via BDD, is it really necessary ? 🧐


@sabu9 interesting point. Btw could you show how your test look like?

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