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Automation Testing Architecture Ideas / Best Practices

I am very new to the industry of test automation, DevOps, testOps, QA, etc. I am trying to build an architecture for my company covering e2e and regression testing, load testing, reporting, and monitoring. Currently, I am experimenting with or researching the following:

  1. e2e testing Playwright

  2. load testing artillery (https://www.artillery.io/docs/guides/guides/playwright) integrated with playwright

  3. Monitoring, Reporting & Metrics Checkly (https://www.checklyhq.com/) integrated with playwright Honeycomb.io (https://www.honeycomb.io/product-overview) OpenTelemetry (https://opentelemetry.io/) Grafana (https://grafana.com/)

  4. TestOps Platform / test Management solution. ( is this a necessary or helpful?) qase.io (https://qase.io/)

I would love to hear what you think of the above technologies OR give me examples of your TestOps stack and what technologies you recommend. Also, I'd really appreciate any links to articles or videos that could shed more light on this topic. I am trying to avoid jumping into an architecture that will be hard to manage and not effective so would love to learn from others experiences. Thanks in advance!

This thread is trying to answer question "What are some automation testing architecture ideas and best practices for e2e and regression testing, load testing, reporting, and monitoring? What are some technologies that can be used for these purposes? Is a TestOps platform/test management solution necessary or helpful? What are some recommendations for such a platform? What are some opinions on qase.io and whether it is overkill for a single quality assurance engineer or small company?"

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2 - consider paid k6.io cloud if you are the only person that will support, much less efforts to manage and run load tests 3 - for e2e tests monitoring i using simple HTML report as gitlab pages artifact + slack reporting 4 - necessity of such platform is greatly depends on size of your QA team

The owner of qase.io reached out on linked in a few months ago and wanted to connect but I don't think i would ever need their product.

Does anyone use case.io??? Would u recommend it?

I came across it from following Joe Colantonio on the Testguild Automation Podcast and he interviewed the founder here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QgkC00K. It has a free plan for single quality assurance engineers and small companies. It also has examples of integration with playwright here: https://docs.qase.io/documentation/apps/reporters/playwright I am very new to this industry so not sure if this is overkill for my use case or if it would be an extremely helpful solution. I may try it out for free.

Im not sure. I’d say. Don’t over complicate things. When you see a need to get services, then do so

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