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Uploading Github Actions Artifacts to view traces remotely

I'm using Playwright Python.

Currently our set up is that on test failure a trace file is added to a trace folder in the repo with the filename being the name of the test.

In github actions this folder is zipped up and uploaded as an artifact.

To view the traces you have to download the artifact then choose from that folder the test trace you want, then put it into the trace viewer.

I want to automate this so as an output from GHA we have the URLs of each trace file to be remotely viewed in the trace viewer.

Few problems I have are, I dont think GHA allows the ability to loop through a list of files and upload as artifacts seperately (currently the artifact is one zip file that includes a folder per test).

The download link of the artifact itself cannot be accessed by the trace viewer ( I believe because of CORS issues).

I may be over complicating this but i've run out of ideas.

This thread is trying to answer question "How can trace files be uploaded as separate artifacts in GitHub Actions and generate URLs for remote viewing in the trace viewer?"

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