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cypress to playwright fixture

Cypress.Commands.add('assToast', (toast: string): void => { cy.contains(toast, { timeout: 20000, matchCase: false }).should('exist'); cy.contains(toast, { timeout: 20000, matchCase: false }).should('not.exist'); }); any one know

This thread is trying to answer question "How can I check if a toast message exists and then doesn't exist in Cypress?"

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You've posted a bunch of questions similar to this: https://discord.com/channels/807756831384403968/1113024442830958642 https://discord.com/channels/807756831384403968/1113035831402307665 https://discord.com/channels/807756831384403968/1113380508601172050 This help shouldn't really be cypress->playwright translation service for you, it looks like you might need to understand what the cypress code is doing, and learn some playwright

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