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login.fixture Expected 0 type arguments, but got 1

Hi, I have user.json file with my users' credentials and want to create a central login that will log in all the users and the auth is then used in the tests for the different user. I get the following issue and went in different directions that took me to changes that I don't understand yet as I am a newbie. I reverted back to this point.

import { users } from './../config/user.json';
import { test, expect } from '@playwright/test';

type TokenData = { token: string | null };

const login = test<TokenData>('login', {}, async ({}, runTest) => {
  async function login(username: string, password: string): Promise<string | null> {
    try {
      const response = await request.post(`baseURL` + '/sessions', {
        headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json' },
        body: JSON.stringify({ username, password }),

      const responseBody = JSON.parse(response);
      const token = responseBody.accessToken;
      return token;
    } catch (error) {
      console.error('Failed to obtain token:', error.message);
      return null;

  for (const user of users) {
    const token = await login(user.username, user.password);
    await runTest({ token }, async ({ token }) => {
      // Run the actual test logic within the context of the logged-in user
      console.log('Token:', token);

export default login;
"resource": "/c:/Users/souwehand/Documents/Automation/approach/src/fixture/login.fixture.ts",
    "owner": "typescript",
    "code": "2558",
    "severity": 8,
    "message": "Expected 0 type arguments, but got 1.",
    "source": "ts",
    "startLineNumber": 7,
    "startColumn": 20,
    "endLineNumber": 7,
    "endColumn": 29

This thread is trying to answer question "How to create a central login using user credentials from a JSON file in Playwright using TypeScript?"

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Solved it

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