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Video window doesn't display the Subtitles button

In both firefox and webkit (chromium wont event start the video) I have a video that starts, but no subtitles button appears in the window. It show in normal browsers, but not the playwright ones. Any idea how to deal with this?

This thread is trying to answer question "Why doesn't the subtitles button appear in the video window when using Playwright, and why are there issues with video playback after updating to v1.40?"

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What browser do you use? Chromium or Firefox?

all three

and since I updated to v1.40, absolutely everything stopped working. I now have 200 new failures on the suite :)))))))))

I even tried the --browser-channel chrome and it gives me this


it used to work in firefox and webkit, but not anymore

@mxschmitt , am I missing something obvious here? is there any codec that actually works on any browser in v1.40?

I can open youtube videos even with chromium. May that boil down to the format I am trying? it's an mp4, nothing fancy.

is there a better option to consider?

UPD: discard that. it seems to be an encoding issue on our platform. sites like youtube open and work just fine

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