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fileChooser is failing on webkit, but works on chromium

The following code works for chromium but fails on webkit. Any help is appreciated. const fileChooserPromise = page.waitForEvent('filechooser'); await fileChooserLink.click(); const fileChooser = await fileChooserPromise; await fileChooser.setFiles(path.join(__dirname, image));

This thread is trying to answer question "Why is the file chooser working in Chromium but failing in Webkit when using Playwright?"

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I recommend filing an issue with a repro!

Unfortunately, I can't provide a proper repo due to client confidentiality/security reasons. I was just hoping this was a known issue and someone could offer a solution. What I can say is that it is an angular input of type=file


@jclaudon could you use stackblitz or a similar sandbox to create a minimal reproduction? I've used sandbox apps and pointed playwright tests at it before to isolate issues.

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